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Making your home look like new again for a lot less!

30 years+ experience, zero defects, and your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee.

         Our prices are low because we are fast, efficient, hardworking and HONEST.                      In 2013 we painted over 140 homes in Wichita and the surrounding area.                    Here is how we do what we do to increase the value of your home:

  1. Power wash the entire house, including soffits, guttering and down spouts to remove dirt, dust, scaling, peeling, spider webs, etc. This must be done for the best finished job.
  2. Scrape all areas that are peeling, scaling, moldy, rusty, etc.
  3. Prime all bare areas with a high quality Sherwin Williams primer.
  4. 100% caulking of all seams, joints, nails heads etc. with lifetime Sermax caulking. This caulking will fill all joints, cracks and holes so that water cannot penetrate behind the paint, and also properly caulk for beauty, making a quality job both functionally and visually, making all caulking joints as small as possible to accomplish these goals.
  5. Paint the entire house and doors with one heavy coat of high quality Sherwin Williams 25 year Super Paint, making sure of good complete coverage. One good heavy coat of Sherwin Williams paint has been demonstrated time and time again in our thirty plus years of experience to work better than two lighter coats. Sherwin Williams exterior Super Paint is superior to Lowes, Home Depot and Menards due to the chemical makeup of titanium and polymers which make for a longer lasting paint job without fading. Most of the cost of painting is labor so you want to use the best paint possible.                                                                                               
  6. We start at the top and work our way down and work on homes that require only the most experienced of painters to properly cover all areas including high spots and peaks.
  7. Hand roll and brush all fascia, siding, trim, guttering, down spouts, soffit and inside of the fascia boards with Shwerwin Williams Lifetime Duration paint.
  8. Roll spray or brush all surface siding, electrical boxes, exposed cable and wiring.
  9. Brush all window frames and sash including the opening of the windows when needed. 
  10. Spray or roll all exterior doors; garage doors, front doors, back doors, side doors.
  11. Paint the gas meter and lighting when possible to make your home look like new.

Indoor Services:

1. Careful protection of furniture, appliances, and all areas adjacent to the work.

2. Taping off or removing of all switch plates, plug plates, lighting and hardware to make sure that paint does not get on anything that is not going to be painted.

3. Meticulous surface preparation and cosmetic repairs, including sanding, patching holes, and caulking of all cracks. This phase of the work is crucial in making for a quality job both functionally and visually.

4. Cleaning of walls and woodwork to remove any dust just prior to painting.

5. Use of premium Sherwin Williams materials to add long lasting beauty to the appearance and to the value of your home.

6. Using the correct type of caulking and primer where needed.

7. Sufficient number of coats to produce a uniform appearance. Changing of colors will sometime require more coats, especially when changing to a lighter color.

8. Moving and or removing of furniture or appliances as well as replacing them when the job is done.

9. No missed areas, drips or runs. No brush or roller marks.

10. Thorough cleaning to your satisfaction when all work is finished.

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